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How does creationism explain fossils that are dated as being millions of years old?

Creationists explain the age of fossils the same as we do the age of the earth…by using the global Flood as our marker. If the Flood was thousands of years ago instead of many millions of years, this would better explain why scientists are finding soft tissues and other carbon-based materials in the rocks. Approximately 95% of fossils are marine invertebrates, with less than 1% being terrestrial vertebrates and the rest being mostly plants, fish, and insects. Land fossils are scarce overall, and when found, they are usually fragmentary. The geologic column, as taught in public institutions, is based on the assumption that the order of the fossil record is due to a succession of changing life forms on earth, occurring over millions of years. However, creation scientists believe that the order in the fossils is primarily environmental deposition – their burial sequence is due mainly to the global Flood. This would explain, for example, why people and dinosaurs are not found buried together.



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